Technical Information

Here is where the latest technical information can be found on MI EnergyCore™ windows and patio doors.

MI EnergyCore Egress Chart  View PDF

MI EnergyCore Egress Chart
As of 03-13-2013

MI EnergyCore Glass Configurations  View PDF

This document shows the different glass configurations available in the MI EnergyCore Window System.

MI EnergyCore Min/Max Chart  View PDF

MI EnergyCore MinMax Chart

MI EnergyCore Thermal Performance and STC  View PDF

EnergyCore Thermal Performance (As of June 14,2013).
Includes U-Values, SHGC, VLT, STC Ratings
Includes windows and French Rail Patio Door

MI EnergyCore Windows and Doors Structural Performance  View PDF

MI EnergyCore Window Structural Performance (As of Dec 7, 2012)
Includes Performance Grade, Design Pressure and Air Infiltration data.
For Windows and the French Rail Patio Door